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One of the many benefits of having an extended service contract from Truck Master Warranty is the administration company we choose to align our business with. We proudly work in conjunction with Specialty Administration Services (SAS) to handle all claims. SAS administers innovative extended service plans (ESPs) and warranty programs for retailers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in numerous consumer, insurance and automotive markets throughout the United States and Canada. They are experts in the automotive, RV, marine, power sports and home warranty markets.

If you have an emergency while you are out on the road a simple call in to our claims department will get you back up and running. Breakdowns happen, but you won’t be stranded, you can even pick your own licensed repair facility to do the work. Should you need to file a claim please call 888-668-4360. To fill out a claim online visit TruckMasterPlus.com/Claim and for emergency roadside assistance (battery jump start, emergency fluid/fuel delivery, locksmith services, tire services and towing) call 844-964-5307.

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