Truck Master Warranty launches Canada

Since 2013, Truck Master Warranty has been servicing quality heavy truck dealership in the United States with its “Certified Pre-Owned” CPO90 program, and its industry leading 1,2,3, and 4-year extended service contracts.

“We are thrilled to be taking our quality programs and reputable brand north to Canada, it has been in the making for over a year.”  States Jeff Dobish, Truck Master Warranty CEO.

“In Canada, if you are marketing a Limited Warranty, the dealer must post a bond of between $100,000 and $500,000, to protect the customer, so having a fully insured program delivers great peace of mind for both the dealer and the customer” Dobish says.

Truck Master Warranty recently opened their Canadian headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. and is quickly registering quality heavy truck dealerships, leasing and finance companies all over the country.

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Warranty Cost vs. Warranty Value

“In the warranty world, dealers often focus so much on the cost, not the value. Cost can sometimes be deceiving, until you really understand what you are getting and how you are being serviced…”  Jeff Dobish, President -Truck Master Warranty


It wasn’t that long ago that Chinese drywall was going to change the face of home building, saving builders and home owners thousands on the cost of a new home or building. It was cheaper, easier to produce, and was perceived as a valuable resource to save some money. How did that work out?

The same scenario can be said of extended service contacts and how cost can be very deceiving in regards to the ultimate true value.

The first value proposition to explore is if the service contract is insured or not. This is one of the largest potential exposures to a dealership and their clients. There are two different warranties on the market today, one is a “limited warranty”, which ultimately places the responsibility on the selling dealer. An “insured warranty” is guaranteed by a third party insurance company that takes the risk of losses. It also has built in arbitration in the event of a dispute regarding a claim. An “insured warranty” provides the ultimate security and value compared to a “limited warranty”.

Taking a look at the amount of covered components, standard features and covered parts is where “limited warranties” build in the “gotcha” factor. The “gotcha” happens quite a bit when there is a limited number of covered parts, combined with no progressive damage coverage. So if a non-covered part fails and causes a covered part to fail, “gotcha”. It goes without saying that the more covered parts a warranty covers, more value lies with that warranty.

“Nobody knows better than Truck Master the deficiencies of using a third party administrator when it comes to processing claims”, states Joe Gelfo, Vice President of Specialty Administration Services. “When we first started in 2013, it was a hopeless felling not being fully engaged regarding claims, the claim process and eventually the speed in which gets trucks back on the road” says Gelfo.

“We started our own Administration company for one reason…and that was to deliver World Class customer claim service. We can now be fully hands on and have completed big dollar claims in less than 20 minutes. We are fully insured, licensed and registered in 48 states which is a statement no other heavy truck specific warranty provider can make…adding yet additional value when choosing a solid company”. “It’s our People, Our Process and our Product that truly sets us apart from the crowd”,


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Is it a sign?

Is it a sign?

Yes, Its the new banner sign at McCoy Freightliner…

For almost a year, quality heavy truck dealers all over the country have adopted the Truck Master Warranty “Certified Pre-owned” program with open arms! We would like to congratulate McCoy Freightliner for doing such an awesome job!

The “Certified” philosophy has been powerfully utilized by the automotive industry for over a decade…and now heavy truck dealers are starting to feel the same amazing results. Let’s face it, some of the same people purchasing certified pre-owned cars, are also potential customers for quality, certified pre-owned heavy duty trucks.

McCoy Banner

Truck Master Warranty adds service directory to website, an extended service contract provider to Heavy Duty Truck dealerships throughout North America, has added a Dealer Service Directory. At, dealers can list their service departments, specials, get turn by turn directions and instant connections on the website.

“Our new directory is a great way to drive new service customers to your dealership, because your potential customers see you care about the quality and performance of their truck,” says Jeff Dobish, President at Truck Master Warranty.

Truck Master Warranty is a provider of the industry’s only 90 Day “Certified Pre-Owned” Program, and is dedicated to giving dealers all of the tools they need to increase their bottom line, improve customer retention, and fully insure their dealership and their customers are covered.

“When we started Truck Master Warranty, we wanted to be more than just another warranty company in the market, and with our Service Department Directory we are delivering on that promise,” Dobish adds.

The Dealer Service Directory helps customers find a reliable dealer location to service their heavy duty truck, and features an index of dealers from each state. Dealers who want to add their business to the directory can visit to get started.

It is free for dealers to register, with current authorized Truck Master Warranty service centers receiving featured listing benefits.

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