Truck Master Remittance Register

ACH Payment

We now offer the option to securely pay your bill online. Please click the “Pay Bill Online” button below to be taken to our online payment system. Once you have completed your transaction close the browser window to be taken back to our website. Thank you for your online payment!

Click here to download our ACH Payment Instructions file.

– this will open a new window.

Please note all payments are processed through our parent company- Specialty Administrative Services, once you have completed your payment you will be taken to the website. If you would like to return back to the Truck Master Remittance webpage simply close the window that opens when you click on the above “Pay Bill Online” button.

Truck Master Remittance Register

1 Download the Truck Master Warranty Remittance Register here.
2 Fill out the form you downloaded right on your computer.
3 Upload the completed file below.

Remittance Register File Upload

IMPORTANT – In order to save your edited PDF you will need to save the file to your computer, and then reupload the updated PDF. To do so you can choose to “Print” the file once you’ve filled out the form on your computer. In the print dialogue box you should have the option to “Save as PDF” (this is typically a choice when clicking the “Change…” button in the destination section of the print dialogue box). Save the form to your computer in a location that you will remember. Once saved to your computer you can upload the file by using the “Choose File” button above, then simply click the “Send File” button.

If you prefer to print and mail the form our address is:

Specialty Administration Services

400 Frandorson Circle
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

If you have any questions contact us at, or call 800-326-5204.