Medium Duty – Gas

Plan Terms-

6 Months or 50,000 miles 

12 Month or 50,000 miles 

18 Months or 75,000 miles 

24 Months or 100,000 miles

36 Months or 150,000 miles




ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts within the engine including, cam followers, camshaft, cam bearings, rod and main bearings, intake and exhaust valves, lifters, oil cooler and housing, oil pan, oil pump, oil pump pickup screen and tube, oil pump pressure relief valve, pistons, piston rings, push rods, rocker arms and shafts, timing gears, chain, tensioners and cover, valve guides, valve stem seals, valve retainers, valve springs and wrist pins The engine block, cylinder heads and cylinder liners are covered in conjunction with a covered mechanical failure. Associated state and local taxes where applicable and required fluids to complete covered repairs.



TRANSMISSION AND REAR AXLE COVERAGE: all internally lubricated parts of the manual or automatic transmissions, including; torque converter, oil pump, valve body, governor, bands, drums, planetaries, sun gear, sprags, shafts, bearings and related bushings, shift rail, forks and synchronizers. The transmission case is only covered in conjunction with a covered failure.

REAR AXLE: All internally lubricated parts including; output shaft, bearings, gear sets, axle and bearings, carrier, ring and pinion gears, bearings, bushings, axle shaft. The drive axle housing is only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part.

TAXES AND FLUIDS: Associated state and local taxes where applicable and required fluids to complete covered repairs. When optional Transmission and Rear Axle coverage is selected, the coverage is for the entire length of any plan selected

  • See dealer for plan coverages and pricing.


In the event of a covered breakdown; Truck Master Warranty will pay or reimburse for the parts and labor costs to repair or replace covered parts listed below (including replacement of all lost fluids), less applicable deductible, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations herein.

Replacement of any covered part may be made with new, remanufactured, rebuilt or like kind and quality parts at the discretion of the Administrator. Parts will be reimbursed up to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Labor time will be reimbursed using nationally recognized labor time standards.  The maximum labor reimbursement rate is $125.00 per hour. You are responsible for any additional labor costs. Repair facilities are not required to reduce their published labor rates.