Important Trucking Industry News – May 2019

Important Trucking Industry News – May 2019


It is very important you are aware of the ongoing in our industry. When other companies deceive the public say they offer a product that is insured yet proves to be otherwise this can put you in a real bind.

Let’s do a Back-to-the-Basics, “meat & potatoes” type of education here – company President Jeff Dobish says meat and potatoes all the time, so I figured why not throw that in here.

What is it important that a truck warranty company is fully-insured? Fully-insured means that we are backed by an A-rated insurer that will honor your contract until it expires regardless of circumstance. God forbid something happen to our company and we’re no longer around your contract will still be enforced. In short, you are not on the hook for repairs covered by your contract…. EVER! Other companies in our industry make claims of being fully-insured. This is a farce. I’m not trying to throw shade here, but when other companies out there are misleading truckers that can cast a bad light on heavy duty truck warranty industry in general. I’m about to hit my character limit, but please feel free to read more here:

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