Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Warranties Offer Protection

Heavy Duty Truck Warranties

Heavy duty truck warranties (also called extended service contracts) offer protection against catastrophic failures. Warranties differ from insurance as they protect the vital components of your vehicle as opposed to accidental coverage. These vital components typically include the engine, fuel injectors, exhaust after treatment, turbo, fuel pump, ECM, water pump, transmission and rear end. Breakdowns are costly and can take away from valuable time on the road. A heavy duty truck warranty can protect you from the unexpected and offer peace of mind and security if your truck does break down.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a commercial truck warranty. Is the company fully insured and what exactly is covered. The difference between two plans can be significant. It is very important to look at the fine print and to be sure that the warranty company actually has your best interests in mind. For instance, some companies offers roadside assistance and towing standard in all of it’s plans. Heavy duty truck warranties are beneficial for all truck drivers, owner-operators, as well as small and large fleets. In fact large fleets stand to gain the most benefit from these plans as they have the power of numbers on their side. The more vehicles you add to a plan the cheaper your premiums end up being in the long run. This can add tremendous savings to your entire fleet, both in terms of repair costs savings and overall plan pricing.

Affordable Protection that offers Invaluable Peace of Mind

Trucks sold with a warranty will insure your investment is protected from unexpected financial despair as the result of a breakdown. For more information, or to get a quick quote visit Truck Master Warranty today.

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