Don’t Eat the Plastic Apple!

Don’t Eat the Plastic Apple!

Truck Master Warranty - Towing Included

When comparing apples to apples be certain the one you are about to eat isn’t plastic! We cover towing with our 1-4 year plan – our competitors do not. Make sure to read the fine print, not just look at the final price of the plan. If you do we are certain you will see that Truck Master Warranty covers more components, has higher limits-of-liability and includes more features than all of our competition. We forgot to mention our SUPERIOR customer service, 0% percent financing, roadside coverage and more than a few other benefits!

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is a recent testimonial:

“Even though our customers are stressed about this pandemic — they are always relived knowing they have a Truck Master Warranty!”
Stephen Forde of Bergey’s Truck Centers

There is no better time to cover truckers with the ultimate protection than today. If your or your dealership already sell our plans, we THANK YOU.

If not please visit and sign up today. We even have a rewards program that sweetens the deal! You can view those details here:

Truck Master Warranty – the Company You KEEP
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