Certified Pre-Owned Overview

The Heavy Truck Market's Original Certified Pre-Owned 90 Day Warranty CPO90
ENGINE ONLY; internally lubricated parts, pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, crankshaft, connecting rod and main bearings, cam followers, timing chain, timing gears, intake valves and exhaust valves, valve guides, rocker arm shafts, pushrods, lifters, oil pump, pickup screen, Turbos, Water Pumps and Fuel Injectors;  Seals, gaskets, engine block, cylinder liners, timing case cover, cylinder heads, oil pan, valve covers and intake manifold are only covered if damaged by the failure of a  covered component list above.

TRANSMISSION; optional coverage includes; standard or automatic transmissions. Including all internally lubricated parts; bands, drums, governors, shafts, gears, planetaries, oil pump, sprags, bearings, bushings, shift rail, shift fork, synchronizers, sun gears, torque converter. Gaskets seals and case are covered only in conjunction with a covered part failure.

REAR AXLE; optional coverage includes; all internally lubricated parts including output shafts, bearings, gear sets, ring and pinions, axle shafts, carrier case, power dividers, differential locks, clutch packs. Gaskets, seals and rear end housings are only covered in conjunction with a covered part failure.

TOWING REIMBURSEMENT; is included due to the breakdown of a covered part. Towing will be reimbursed up to $375.00 per occurrence. No deductible applies to this benefit.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY; is $10,000.00 maximum

QUALIFICATIONS: Trucks must be within 10 calendar years old. Maximum starting miles are 200,000 for gas engines: Diesel; class 3-4 is 300,000 miles, class 5-7 is 425,000 miles and class 8 is 850,000 miles. Additional fees and restrictions may apply so be sure to ask you sales representative for more details.

CPO90 plans are for 90 days or 25,000 miles. See dealer for details. 

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