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One of the many benefits of having an extended service contract from Truck Master Warranty is the administration company we choose to align our business with. We proudly work in conjunction with Specialty Administration Services (SAS) to handle all claims. SAS administers innovative extended service plans (ESPs) and warranty programs for retailers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in numerous consumer, insurance and automotive markets throughout the United States and Canada. They are experts in the automotive, RV, marine, power sports and home warranty markets.

If you have an emergency while you are out on the road a simple call in to our claims department will get you back up and running. Breakdowns happen, but you won’t be stranded, you can even pick your own licensed repair facility to do the work. Should you need to file a claim please call 888-668-4360. To fill out a claim online visit TruckMasterPlus.com/Claim and for emergency roadside assistance (battery jump start, emergency fluid/fuel delivery, locksmith services, tire services and towing) call 844-964-5307.

Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Warranties Offer Protection

Heavy Duty Truck Warranties

Heavy duty truck warranties (also called extended service contracts) offer protection against catastrophic failures. Warranties differ from insurance as they protect the vital components of your vehicle as opposed to accidental coverage. These vital components typically include the engine, fuel injectors, exhaust after treatment, turbo, fuel pump, ECM, water pump, transmission and rear end. Breakdowns are costly and can take away from valuable time on the road. A heavy duty truck warranty can protect you from the unexpected and offer peace of mind and security if your truck does break down.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a commercial truck warranty. Is the company fully insured and what exactly is covered. The difference between two plans can be significant. It is very important to look at the fine print and to be sure that the warranty company actually has your best interests in mind. For instance, some companies offers roadside assistance and towing standard in all of it’s plans. Heavy duty truck warranties are beneficial for all truck drivers, owner-operators, as well as small and large fleets. In fact large fleets stand to gain the most benefit from these plans as they have the power of numbers on their side. The more vehicles you add to a plan the cheaper your premiums end up being in the long run. This can add tremendous savings to your entire fleet, both in terms of repair costs savings and overall plan pricing.

Affordable Protection that offers Invaluable Peace of Mind

Trucks sold with a warranty will insure your investment is protected from unexpected financial despair as the result of a breakdown. For more information, or to get a quick quote visit Truck Master Warranty today.

Warranty…For 3 cents a mile…

Warranty, just 3 cents a mile…

Let’s face it, there is no other business on the planet where customers are exposed to astronomical mechanical and repair costs. For instance, and new engine today can run you $40-45,000, and only 10 years ago that same engine was only $20-25,000. The costs of maintaining a heavy truck with today’s technology are not going down!

How to sell an extended warranty: If you are serving your customer up retail pricing for a warranty…


Try This: Every driver has a per mile maintenance account, and if they don’t they won’t be driving for long. When presenting and closing an extended service contract to your client, add the cost to their maintenance account…It’s just pennies a mile.

You: ” Mr. Customer, if you were to have a catastrophic engine failure, do you have the $45,000 set aside to replace the engine”…
Customer: Hell No!   ( You know this to be accurate because they just scraped everything they could to buy the truck in the first place)
You: “If I told you that we could add a 2 year, 240,000 mile warranty that covers the Engine, Trans, Rears and the entire After Treatment system for 3 cents a mile on average…doesn’t that sound like a responsible decision?

  • cost based on average miles, utilizing a  Truck Master Warranty 2yr/240,000 Engine, Tran,Rear with entire After Treatment system

Truck Master launches heavy truck Gap Insurance

Truck Master launches heavy truck Gap Insurance


When you buy, or lease a new or used truck, the vehicle starts to depreciate the moment it leaves the lot. In fact, most trucks lose 20 percent of their value within one year. Standard heavy truck insurance policies cover the depreciated value; in other words, insurance pays the current market value of the vehicle. If you finance or lease the purchase of a new or used truck and only put down a small deposit down, the amount of the loan may exceed the market value of the vehicle in its early years of ownership. Gap insurance is available to cover the “gap” between what a vehicle is worth and what you owe on it.


It’s a good idea to consider buying gap insurance for your new car or truck purchase if you:


  • Made less than a 20 percent down payment.
  • Financed/Leased for 60 months or longer.
  • Purchased a vehicle that depreciates faster than the average.
  • Rolled over negative equity from an old truck loan into the new loan.


“For over a year we worked on a Gap Insurance program that was custom built specifically for the heavy truck market.” Says Truck Master Warranty CEO Jeff Dobish.

“As you have read in various editions of Successful Dealer, used truck prices continue to drop, while in fact the buyers amount owed declines at a much slower rate…exposing your customers to a potential negative equity risk”. Explains Dobish

“Imagine making monthly payments on a truck that you no longer own”

Truck Master Gap is available in 47 states, it is available on both new and pre-owned purchases or leases and is perfect for dealerships that promote leasing with a $1. Buyout. Visit www.truckmasterplus.com for more information.