24 Hour Roadside Assistance

During the entire term of the contract, 24 hour roadside assistance provided.


Call 800-644-6237

These services include;


-Battery Jump Start

-Emergency Fluid / Fuel Delivery

 Locksmith services

Reimbursement amounts are up $375.00 for towing and $50.00 for all other services listed. One service is available per 72 hour period. These services are provided, independent of this Vehicle Service Agreement. Roadside assistance services are provided by Quest Towing Services, LLC, Quest Towing, Inc or Quest Motor Club of California. The obligor and provider for the Roadside Assistance service is Quest Towing, Inc. administrative offices at 106 West Tolles Drive, St. Johns, MI 48879. Roadside assistance is included in all Truck Master Plus extended service contracts.

*CPO90 does not include 24 hour roadside assistance only towing coverage.